Director of Finance
Tara Harb
Director of Finance.

Tara Harb is a Junior Associate at Tyan & Zgheib Law offices since 2016. At the firm, her practice mainly covers corporate law, litigation and arbitration. Tara holds a Lebanese Bachelor of Law from ‘’Universite Saint Joseph de Beyrouth’’ with an LLM in Business Law in the Arab Countries from "Université Pantheon Assas (Paris II)" and a Diploma in Domestic and International Arbitration Law from "Université de Montpellier" in France. She is a guest in Rotaract Club of Sahel Metn since October 2016. Tara is very excited to be part of the Rotaract MUN Committee 2017, where she will be in charge of the Finance committee. She believes hosting the MUN in Lebanon will be a unique experience.