Executive Committee

Executive Committee

Guiding Principles

The purpose of the RotaractMUN Executive Committee (hereinafter “the Committee”) is to guarantee the continuity of the RotaractMUN conference. Bearing in mind that the conference jumps every year in a different country and it is organized by a different Rotaract Club it is imperative to make sure that this process is facilitated by experts and it is guided towards a successful resolution.

The main role of the Committee is to select the future organizers (Hosting Rotaract Clubs) of RotaractMUN and act as support element for the new organizers by sharing the experience and know-how of previous editions.

Committee Members

The Committee consist of several permanent and advisory members.

RotaractMUN Founders

Adrian and Dan in 2013

Permanent Members:

  • Dan Ungureanu / dan.ungureanu [@] rotaractmun.org
  • Adrian Dan Pop / adrian.pop [@] rotaractmun.org

Dan and Adrian are the founders of RotaractMUN as well as past-presidents of Rotaract Club Baia Mare Team, the RAC Club that organised the first edition of RotaractMUN in Baia Mare, Romania on 21-25 August 2013.  They act as Program Coordinators and preside the RotaractMUN Executive Committee.

Advisory Members:

Each RotaractMUN edition has a Project Manager (as delegated by the organising Rotaract Club) and Secretary General (managing the conference Secretariat). Their views and experience shapes the future of RotaractMUN.

Selecting the next organizer Rotaract Club

RotaractMUN NY

RotaractMUN 2016, UNHQ

  1. Applications for the next organizer of RotaractMUN can be sent any time during the year. Please see the apply section of this website for more;
  2. Every year during the Rotary International UN Day (usually in November) the Committee will announce the next RotaractMUN organizer (Rotaract Club);
  3. Selection is made based on a written letter of intent and project proposal from an interested Rotaract Club;
  4. When selecting the next organizers the Committee bears in mind the vision and mission of the conference. The selection aims to balance several factors such as project proposal quality, team expertise, geographical location, host country, etc.

Over the years the Committee aims to ensure a fair selection of Rotaract Clubs across the globe so that each edition of RotaractMUN can give the opportunity to as many young leaders as possible to attend the conference.

In all circumstances the best interests of the conference must prevail.

RotaractMUN 2017, Beirut