RotaractMUN 2016, New York, UNHQ

RotaractMUN 2018, New York, UNHQ

Rotaract Global Model United Nations (RotaractMUN) is not just a simulation of the UN process but transcends into an actual decision–making process. We provide a platform where young professionals, university students, youths with a passion for change, Rotaractors and Rotarians, the world over, can share their voice on global issues. Every year, we take the decision–making process to a different country and RotaractMUN is organized by a different Rotaract Club. If you are a Rotaract Club interested in this project you can become the next organiser of this prestigious conference in your home town.

Since 2013, we have held successful editions of RotaractMUN in Romania, United Kingdom, Serbia, USA (at the UN HQ), Bulgaria, Lebanon and India. Please see our history page for more information about our previous editions. Only Rotaract Clubs (one or a group) charted by Rotary International may apply to organise this conference. Also read this short description about RotaractMUN or use it to prepare your application.

If you want to attend the RotaractMUN conference as a participant, please visit the webpage of the incoming editions and register there. Also check our youtube channel and follow us on twitter and facebook.


To be an eligible RotaractMUN Club candidate to organize the next edition of RotaractMUN you must send us the following documents:

1) Letter of Intent

Click here to download the Letter of Intent.

a. The letter must express your Club’s interest and commitment to organize the next edition of RotaractMUN and it must be signed by your Club president;

RotaractMUN Belgrade

RotaractMUN 2015, Serbia

b. Please attach additional support letters from your sponsor Rotary Club, RI District or Governor to give more weight to your application;

2) Project proposal

a. The proposal must give details your Club strengths in organizing such an event and present your team and Project Manager as well as their relevant experience organizing events in the past;
b. The project manager of the organizing committee should have previous experience of Model UN conferences and attendance of Club members to previous editions of RotaractMUN is considered an advantage;
c. You can be creative and show why your city and country is the best choice for a future edition of RotaractMUN and how your local culture and traditions can bring added-value to the conference and its participants;
d. Your proposal must feature a project timeline, estimated participation fee, budget and sources of additional income (e.g. sponsors, partners).

Please send your application with the above documents must be sent to the following email address:

Please make sure to add in carbon copy (cc): dan.ungureanu [@] and adrian.pop [@]

Rotaract MUN 2017, Beirut, Lebanon


The applications are ranked according to their quality by the RotaractMUN Executive Committee. The best candidates are invited to an online interview, which will be held either via Skype of Zoom. The whole organising team should be present at the interviews. Taking into consideration both the interview and application, the RotaractMUN Executive Committee will decide on the next hosting Club. Please see the section on our website for more details on the factors involved in the selection as well as the members of the Committee.

Deadline for applications is 4th November 2018.

Interviews will commence October 30th, 2018. Therefore, we strongly encourage all applicants to submit their applications well before the date to be eligible for the upcoming selection. After the final decision is taken by the RotaractMUN Executive Committee, the hosting Club of the next edition of RotaractMUN will be announced at the following Rotary International UN Day on 10th November at the United Nations Information Center in Nairobi, Kenya.


RotaractMUN UK

RotaractMUN 2014, London

We encourage prospective Rotaract Clubs wanting to organise future editions to attend the upcoming RotaractMUN conferences so that you can have a direct experience of what it means to organise such an event, meet with existing organisers, exchange ideas as well as network and promote your candidacy. This does not affect or in any way influence the selection process. However, it will improve your understanding of this project and your chances to submit a convincing application.

Once selected you will benefit from the close support and guidance of the RotaractMUN Executive Committee that includes the founders of the conference as well as Project Managers and Secretary Generals from the previous editions. Their skills and expertise will be provided to you to ensure a successful edition in your country.

For any questions about the application process, please do not hesitate to contact us.

RotaractMUN 2017, Lebanon